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The new ClinicAll Communicator – the impressively simple app for hospital staff and patients

ClinicAll developed the new ClinicAll Communicator app to create the most simple way to connect patients or residents and caregiving staff – digital, without physical contact, supporting and protecting. The ClinicAll Communicator is the new way of digital communication for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

This is how simple it works:

ClinicAll Communicator is a lean app for iOS and Android. This app enables patients to send their requests to the nursing staff from their own mobile devices.

The nurses and staff members on the stations receive the patient requests as push messages. In addition, they can check the status of all patients on a clear status display to conform and answer the requests.

No central installation necessary:

ClinicAll Communicator offers the functionalities of a soft nurse call. No central installations in your hospital is necessary. The application runs on the secure ClinicAll cloud server.


The advantages at a glance:

✓ digital communication between staff and patients in quarantine
✓ noticeable relieve for the nursing staff
✓ immediatly useable for every hospital, no on-site installations necessary
✓ contactless communication reduces the risk of infection
✓ free of charge over a two-month period for the quarantine stations of every hospital

The ClinicAll Communicator App is also an attractive options for those hospitals and facilities that are impacted by the coronavirus events and/or operate quarantine stations.

The app provides communication without direct physical contact. Thus it helps to lower infection risk for the staff. In addition, it's ready to be used immediately – there is no central installation necessary.

Just download the app and start:

You as a hospital operator only need to contact us and tell us how with how many beds you would like to use the app in your facility. We set up everything for you and make sure you get enough access codes that you can forward to your patients. You'll receive all necessary information via email as soon as possible.

You can download the app in your app store and directly install it on the mobile devices of your nursing staff. Tell your patients to also download the app and activate it with your patient codes. That's all it needs and you are ready to go!

Note: There is no obligation for hospitals to continue using the ClinicAll app after the two free months have expired.

Get the free trial:

You can use the ClinicAll Communicator App within your facility for 2 months cost-free! There are no use restrictions within this time period. Please fill out the form below: