Unified communication

To share and process all data within a uniform, interconnected application environment – this is the basic idea behind the ClinicAll clinic infotainment system. All ClinicAll end devices use the Windows operating system with its sophisticated and versatile network tools as a perfect base for such an application environment. The ClinicAll software offers a very simple and familiar user experience for doctors, staff and patients, no matter which specific device they are actually using.

A system architecture for the complete hospital

To offer direct communication for all members of the clinic staff, the ClinicAll system offers the necessary tools – such as video calls – as well as listing presence information. This means that the status of every staff member is shown to the colleagues – supporting fast and direct data exchanges or the start of individual communications. Also context information is included: HIS software that is run on ClinicAll terminals can collect all data and information about one specific patient (vital data, course of treatment ...) centrally and show these data as a whole, or any exerpt of it as needed in a specific medical context.

Connection to medical devices

Thanks to the powerful interfaces and the versatile software platform, ClinicAll systems also allow for the integration of medical devices into the joint network. As an example, the periodic control of every patient's vital data – such as blood pressure, pulse or body temperature – is significantly simplified. The collected data is automatically stored in one central location, immediately being available for every other member of the clinic staff.

Controlling devices

If needed, ClinicAll devices can also be remotely controlled from a distance. This function allows the control of e.g. a bedside terminal that is installed somewhere in a patients' room from another terminal or a mobile Pocket Pad tablet PC.

The connected hospital – already reality with ClinicAll

As of today, the first hospitals have already been equipped with ClinicAll terminals and a powerful HIS integration. For the European sector, this is a throughbred innovation. For ClinicAll, "unified communication" is more than just a buzzword for the future – it's the reality that has already proved its success in everyday hospital operation.

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