ClinicAll HIS Pro

The terminal with full HIS access for doctors and staff

Based on our Comfort Plus solution, ClinicAll HIS Pro is the top-of-the-line solution in our product range. It offers all the patient amenities of Comfort Plus – TV, radio, internet, phone, bed and room control, food ordering and much more. In addition, special hardware and software components are included that have been designed for hospital use and facilitate the system's integration into the HIS.

At every patient bed, doctors and staff can get safe access to the HIS and view, enter and control all patient data. This means: As soon as the doctor leaves the patient room, he already updated online that patient's information. Thus, up-to-date Patient data is automatically made available throughout the whole HIS. The doctor is able to fully concentrate on his next task. This functionality is offered via all ClinicAll devices in the whole hospital – no matter if bedside terminals, mobile Pocket Pad or any other connected desktop PC.

Technical data

  • 12”, 15” or 18” touch-screen terminals with Windows operating system
  • Scope of functions like ClinicAll Comfort Plus, additionally offering the following components:
  • HIS integration via special hardware and software components
  • Safe HIS authentification for doctors and staff
  • All patient data can be accessed and processed at every device within the hospital
  • Range of functions can be adapted to today's and tomorrow's needs of the hospital

The ClinicAll App

Access to hospital services with our new App

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The versatile bedside terminal

ClinicAll Comfort+ is a complete, versatile infotainment system with touchscreen interface and Windows operating system that also offers some facilitation for hospitals.

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The intelligent solution

ClinicAll HIS Pro offers a great selection of clinic specific functions, including HIS integration, making it the top solution in our infotainment system portfolio.

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ClinicAll for rehabilitation clinics

ClinicAll Reha PRO is the efficient solution for the rehabilitation sector: Just to pick one example, we offer wall screens that can be easily controlled via a tablet PC.

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