What digitalization of the hospital really means

The objectives are clear: Steamlining clinic processes, reducing personnel expenditure especially in administration, minimizing error rates. And, above all: More comfort and improved treatmant quality for patients.

The result is a very demanding set of tasks that decision-makers and operators of hospitals find themselves confronted with to face all future challenges.

A holistic approach, not just individual digital products

The result also is that just developing some individual new hardware and software products won't cut it, instead a complex, networked solution is needed that includes all clinic processes. Just as an example: Take a service terminal at your patient's bedside that can handle food ordering – to make this into a really useful option, you will also need a system behind it that automatically accesses all current medical data to clarify if the patient concerned is allowed to eat that specific menu at all.

This is where ClinicAll comes in. We don't just offer bedside terminals – as we call our computer systems at the point of care, but we also offer the know how and experience to connect these systems with the actual intelligence that sits behind them: a modern hospital information system that, thanks to a multitude of apps and interfaces, is able to take over more and more comprehensive tasks.

ClinicAll – successful in everyday use

In Slovenia, ClinicAll and the software specialist SRC Infonet joint their forces and equipped a clinic with terminals that enable patients to check-in at the hospital on their own. Also their treatment plans are then handed over to them automatically. The advantages are vital and numerous: First, strain on the clinic staff is reduced – especially regarding administration duties – so they can spend more precious time for the actual treatment. Another very important factor is that the automation reduces the error rate by a significant margin.

On the Arabian peninsula, a market that is very high-tech savvy, ClinicAll terminals are already operational in a number of hospitals, with an additional house being equipped for test operations at the time of this writing. There, digitalization of clinic processes has already been taken a few steps further than in Europe. Food ordering, blood analysis, lab data, patient results, treatment routines – all information and processes are integrated into one big clinic digital network.

Digitalization eliminates error sources

As soon as anyone enters any new data about a patient on any device linked to the hospital network – no matter if terminal, PC, tablet, diagnostic tool or other hardware – this updated data set is immediately available on all other devices and apps.

As an example, vital data can be automatically recorded by the terminal via Bluetooth. Radiographs are saved in the according patient data set. Or, in case of any food intolerances, those are also considered by the digital food ordering app.

The result: The effort to keep all patient data up-to-date is drastically reduced. Keeping an overview of all that data is also made much easier because they are accessible from every device in the clinic – no matter if a bedside terminal, in the nurse room, or anywhere else. One of the most important aspects however is that several error sources can be literally wiped out. Accidentally the nurse took the wrong tray when delivering food? Even that can be controlled via RFID chips and automatically displayed as an error message on the bedside terminal.

It is exactly this last point – wiping out error sources thanks to the digitalization – that is so vital for hospitals in their pursuit of consistently high treatment quality.

What a bedside terminal should really offer

ClinicAll bedside terminals fit seamlessly into any modern hospital network – as does the ClinicAll tablet PC and all our other devices. The Windows operating system and ClinicAll's own designed App that are installed on all our devices offer all necessary interfaces to implement new features and functionalities, plus all the amenities of state-of-the-art user comfort – both for patients and clinic staff.

No matter what name you give that computer at the patient's bedside, no matter what design you prefer, what screen size you would like us to install, portable or stationary – it is the powerful and proven ClinicAll software and its integration into the existing hospital network that form the key to modern, intelligent solutions.

It is exactly here where our expertise pays off. Together with our hardware and software partners we are able to deliver turnkey systems for every hospital that, whenever the time comes, also can be expanded to include additional digital functions.

Visit us!

If you face the task to realize a future-oriented digital solution for your hospital, our longtime expertise in development of such solutions is at your disposal. See for yourself how sophisticated and flexible our solutions are – for example at any of the major fairs like conhIT or Medica, where we are exhibiting the ClinicAll portfolio on a brand-new booth of 100 square metres, or in our showroom in Neuss, Germany.

You will see that ClinicAll offers a comprehensive, tailor-made platform for the digital future of hospitals.

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