ClinicAll App

The new ClinicAll App gives access to all services for patients and the hospital on Android and iOS devices.

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Clinic infotainment systems

TV, phone, Internet, HIS integration.

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Based on Microsoft Windows 8.

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ClinicAll Premium Entertainment

New Premium Entertainment Software for Android and iOS

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CliniTec box: The mobile terminal

The innovative bedside terminal without wall mount.

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CliniSleep bed system

The space-saving miracle for hospitals.

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Operation & financing

Operator, financing, leasing and purchase options.

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CliniTec – the bedside terminal that does away with wall mounting

Your mobile bedside terminal!

We pay special attention to the trouble-free and safe mounting of our infotainment systems at the patient’s bedside. As a new alternative to the proven wall or side cart mount solutions, we developed the brand-new CliniTec box: an innovative beside terminal that does away with wall-mounted swivel arms. Offering a timeless design and a choice of décor variations, it blends in well in any room.

Just take it where you need it.

The CliniTec box can be pushed to any patient’s bedside, or can remain at one location consistently. It only takes one hand movement to extend or retract the installed device with its convenient multitouch panel. Its Windows 8 operating system is geared specially towards clinic management. The patient can swivel and reposition the monitor as required. If necessary, the monitor can be completely retracted into the box with one single move. This means that the system never gets in the way.

Magnet plug: simple and safe.

ase of use and highest safety were the top priorities during development. Both AC power and data connection are integrated in one single magnet plug, thus leaving no scope for potential tripping hazards. Also, the time needed to set up installation is minimized.

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