ClinicAll App

The new ClinicAll App gives access to all services for patients and the hospital on Android and iOS devices.

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Clinic infotainment systems

TV, phone, Internet, HIS integration.

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Based on Microsoft Windows 8.

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ClinicAll Premium Entertainment

New Premium Entertainment Software for Android and iOS

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CliniTec box: The mobile terminal

The innovative bedside terminal without wall mount.

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CliniSleep bed system

The space-saving miracle for hospitals.

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Operation & financing

Operator, financing, leasing and purchase options.

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CliniSleep bed system

The space-saving miracle for hospitals and day hospitals

CliniSleep is a true space saving miracle that we developed specifically for hospitals and day hospitals, offering highest comfort levels. This novel foldaway bed incorporates state-of-the-art technology: By simply pressing a button, the patented drive system automatically extends the bed base and mattress. When not in use, the whole bed disappears again behind the vertical partition in the closet. This bed only takes up only one third of the closet space, the rest can still be used for clothing or other articles.

Almost endless flexibility

The CliniSleep foldaway bed adapts to your requirements and ideas. It is available as a single- or double bed in different sizes from 80 x 200 cm up to 200 x 200 cm. Only two dimensions are fixed: Its depth of 60 cm and the minimal height of 220 cm. Alternatively, the bed can also be delivered as a divan bed. In this case, the minimal height equals the desired mattress width plus 35 cm. The exterior is also highly adaptive: The covers on front and sides can be designed to individual requirements. As an example, a colorful design for children is possible, or high-quality woodgrain. Of course, all furniture fronts are washable, easy to clean and hygienically safe.

An additional revenue source

The CliniSleep bed is an additional revenue source for clinics, e.g. when offered to relatives of long-time patients or children during their stay in the hospital. When relatives are spending a longer time at the intensive care unit or children need stationary care, there is great tension. Time to find some sleep is always scarce under these circumstances and therefore should be as comfortable as possible.

High-quality materials and finish

The bed base of the innovative CliniSleep foldaway bed system consists of a high-quality slatted frame system with special beech wood slats. These are mounted in flexible S-form natural rubber mounts for a heathy and restful sleep. The patented 5-zone cold foam mattress reduces the strain on the intervertebral discs and is available with 12 or 16 cm thickness.

Ease of use in everyday conditions

The additional bed pad is easily removeable and can be washed at up to 60°C. As an option, a quilted anti-allergic bed pad is also available. The CliniSleep bed is produced under the BELITEC© patent. It has been tested by LGA Nuremberg for 30 years use and comes with the GS sign for approved safety.

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