ClinicAll App


Access to hospital services with our new App

Integration of digital services, media & process optimising solutions for the modern hospital taken one step further

Full range of patient services on your own device

Are you currently staying in hospital? Open the ClinicAll app on your smartphone and see how easy it is to use the TV, Internet, and call up all the information that your hospital makes available to you: Your treatment appointments, your next lunch. You can even use the app to control the room lighting or your bed! Your doctor and your hospital staff can give you information about upcoming doctor’s visits conveniently via push
messages. And you can call your nurse via the ClinicAll app at any time - making all communication incredibly
easy and uncomplicated!

Are you healthy again and have been able to leave the hospital? Keep the ClinicAll app on your smartphone and receive interesting news and information on the topics of health technology, ClinicAll, other affiliated clinics and cooperation partners.

Operating the new ClinicAll app is amazingly simple: patients can download the app from their operating system’s App store. They will receive a personal access code for the respective hospital’s information services. Furthermore, hospital staff and doctors have all possibilities available to them to communicate with the patient: If, for example, upcoming doctor’s visits or treatment appointments are shown to the patient via push message, the medical staff sees a message on the room status display in the nurses’ office as soon as the patient has read the message.

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